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IF you’re a NEW school wanting to “Get Involved” with Science Fair, whether public, private, charted, home, etc., please contact the Regional Fair Director in your area!

All Texas Fairs in Science and Engineering are affiliated with the Society for Science and the Public (SSP), host of the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).  All Texas Fairs follows the Rules and Guidelines set forth by SSP.

Each affiliated fair advances their top project(s) to compete at ISEF.  Before advancing to the state Texas Science and Engineering Fair (TXSEF), each project is only allowed to compete in ONE (1) Regional Science and Engineering Fair within that academic year. 

Each school will register to the Regional Fair in their area through ©

Please Contact Us should you have any questions!


Click Here for PAYMENT



Be sure to have the PIN/Scienteer ID of each student paying for.  (FYI: Scienteer will produce an ID for each student who confirms advancing to state.)

ALL Check payments MUST be submitted with TXSEF Invoice.  Click the PAYMENT link, enter the PIN/ID paying for, and PRINT INVOICE. 

Make checks payable to: UTSA-TXSEF.  Please send check with invoice to:


UTSA-TXSEF College of Sciences

One UTSA Circle

San Antonio, TX 78249


DISTRICT Checks: Please enter all PIN/ID's of the students advancing to the state fair in the payment section of this website and send check with the included invoice.


TEACHERS/School, please notify the parents of your students you are paying for to avoid double payment.  The are NO REFUNDS.

Concessions in the Convention Center will be OPEN! 

For catering order, contact RK Group in advance!

RK Group Menu

Pre-Order Lunch from Jimmy John's - Downtown San Antonio (Delivered to the Convention Center.)

518 East Houston Street

San Antonio, TX  78205

(210) 222-1444

Pre-Order Lunch from Jason's Deli

Judging Day is Saturday, April 1. Lunch (12:00 - 1:00 pm).

Pre-Order your lunch from Jason's Deli and have it delivered to you at the convention center.  (Parents, please coordinate with your child's teacher/school and/or other families/groups)

Minimum order to deliver is $50.00 + $10.00 delivery fee.  NO personl orders.  ONLY SCHOOL ORDERS.

SCHOOLS please coordinate and place these orders with Jason's Deli.  The schools are responsible for paying for the entire order UPON DELIVERY.  "School checks accepted, including group checks, ie PTA, Booster Club, etc.  Ask about our corporate accounts available through your school district.

Click here for details!

: $40.00 per student (NO Cash Accepted)  Check or Credit Cards.

Each District/ School MUST enter the PIN/Scienteer IDs of each student they are paying for in to our payment system, print the invoice, and send in with check.  (Print another invoice for your records.)

Payment Deadline: March 23, 2918.

Be aware: Each student is required to activate their PIN before their deadline to avoid a late registration fee of $50.00.

Make sure the students' parent is aware his/her registration/payment will be handled by the distict/school.

Project Paperwork Order

  •     Abstract
    • The rest of the forms sequential.
  •     Form 1
  •     Form 1A
  •     Research Plan
  •     Form 1B
  •         Form 1C (when applicable)
  •         Form 7 (when applicable)
  •         * Please have all TXSEF Media Releases signed

Why the science fair?

The Fair plays an important role in the lives and careers of many young students. Participants are not locked into careers in science and engineering. Through the Fair process, they learn critical thinking skills that will enable them to thrive in any career field.

The science fair is more than creating a science project. It is a complete educational process through which students learn:

  • To follow directions and complete the scientific process
  • How to gain knowledge outside a classroom setting
  • To work with mentors and peers
  • To hone their presentation skills
  • About competing honestly and fairly 

Things to Know:

All about Safety

The safety of everyone is the number one priority of Fair organizers. The rules and regulations set up by the International Science and Engineering Fair directly ensure projects are executed safely. Many projects may require supplementary paperwork to ensure these safety precautions are met. Please make sure your child has completed all necessary paperwork for his/her project.

Special Needs 

The Fair is accessible to all students with special needs. If you have a student with special needs, please contact us.



Adult Sponsor

The adult sponsor may be a parent, teacher, university professor, or scientist in whose lab the student has worked. This person must have a strong science or engineering background and have worked closely on the student's project. The adult sponsor is responsible for working with the student to ensure all ISEF rules and regulations are followed and that the research is conducted safely in accordance with all local, state, and federal guidelines.

Qualified Scientist

The qualified scientist is a person with an advanced degree in the area of the student researcher's project. This person must be familiar with the rules and regulations regarding that area of study.

Designated Supervisor

The designated supervisor is a person who directly oversees the student's experimentation.