2018 Display and Safety Notice

Mar 19, 2018 | Kai.Kamaka | Share



Due to limited project space in the exhibit area at the State Science Fair:

Project Boards MUST be able to stand alone on a table top and fit entirely within a
48 inch wide x 15 inch deep space.  If the board can’t stand on its own in 15 inch deep space, then it needs to be re-done or modified so that it does.
Bringing models or stuff the student built (i.e. apparatus, volcano, bridge, robots) as part of the project is strongly discouraged.  This is not a demonstration fair.  Those items should be documented with Photo albums or short video clip instead.  If you insist on bringing “Stuff” it must fit within your 48 inch x 15 inch table space and MUST abide by ALL ISEF display and safety rules (else it will not be allowed to enter the display area).
Documents, notebooks, laptops, electronic media etc. are allowed.  Electricity will not be available.  Internet connectivity cannot be guaranteed so plan accordingly.


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