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Science Review Committee

The State Science Review Committee (SRC) reviews each project entered into the TXSEF to ensure eligibility. Each project must be cleared by the SRC prior to project setup. The SRC is comprised of volunteers and includes at least one biomedical scientist, one science educator, and at least one other member. The members of the SRC are knowledgeable about research subject matter and regulations. They review the projects for required forms and address any problems before projects are allowed to be set up. The SRC is trained to examine each project for "red flags" that suggest additional forms are necessary, or the project may have eligibility issues. The goal of the SRC is to ensure that all projects are safe and meet the guidelines set by the International Science and Engineering Fair.

Volunteering in the SRC

Volunteer registration will begin soon.

See the EVENT SCHEDULE for more information.

SRC "Red Flags":
Some projects need supplemental forms to ensure eligibility.
Some projects may be ineligible.

  • Human Subjects
    If your child is used human subjects, he/she must obtain release forms for each subject.
  • Vertebrate Animals
    If your child used vertebrate animals, he/she must fill out the vertebrate animal form.
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Certified Laboratories
    Experiments must be performed in a certified laboratory and not at home. Projects will be disqualified if experiments are performed at home.

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