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Registration Questions

  • Why is registration required?
    Registration is required to access all information for every type of participant for the fair. Each participant has a unique "personal identification number", or PIN, that allows for the easy retrieval of information.
  • I did not receive an email confirming my registration?
    Please make sure that your email software allows emails from, or check with your email provider to make sure they are not blocking the emails. If your email is from work, you will need to check with you system administrator to make sure that email coming from is not being blocked.
  • What is an ISEF Finalist?
    An ISEF finalist is a student who has already received an invitation to participate at the International Science and Engineering Fair. This only applies to Senior Division contestants.
  • What are the Project Categories for the Fair?
    You can find more information on the Project Categories at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF)
  • What costs are associated with registration?
    Contestants fee: $40.00 for registration per student who registers before the deadline date.  Late registration fee is an additional $10.00 after the deadline date.
  • Can I pay the day of the fair ?
    Yes, you can pay the day of the fair, only checks and credit cards payments will be accepted. Absolutely NO CASH can be received.

Project Setup Questions

  • How late can we arrive to set up my project?
    Please check the Schedule of Events time.  You must register on site between the times listed on the Schedule of Events, of which then you will need to set-up your project.  Display and Safety must clear your project before leaving the day before judging.
  • If I bring a computer for my project do I have to leave it overnight?

Judging Questions

  • How long will judging take?
    Actual time of Judging will depend on the complexity of the projects and the number of judges available. Please be patient and flexible.

General Questions

  • Can we bring food to the Convention Center?
    Sorry, outside food and drinks will NOT be permitted. You may buy a snack from the concession stand at the convention center.

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