Improving the Science Fair Process
Posted: 17 February 2011 11:49 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Please share your suggestions to improve our scinece fair process. 
Here are some of my ideas:
1. Create a paperless process with electronic signatures.
2. Students having the ability to enter their science project into a system that passes along their project from local, to regional, to state, and to the international fair seamlessly.
3. Having judges preview the abstracts of projects assigned to them prior to judging day.
4. Incorporating video training of SRC and Display and Safety.
5. Build a community through social network that keeps everyone connected and communicated pre and post science fair for years and years.
6. Build a community of judges, special awards, and scholarships data that can be shared throughout Texas and other areas.

What other suggestions do you have?


Kai Kamaka, Event Manager
UTSA - College of Sciences
EMTSEF Coordinator

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