2014 Senior Fair Awards

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1st Place Grand Life Sciences and “BEST OF SHOW” Winner

Lindsay Northcut, Christ the King

The Effect of Nitrogen-Rich Fertilizers on the Growth and Yield of Cotton Plants


2nd Place Grand Life Sciences

Christopher Botello, John Jay Science and Engineering Academy

The Cooling of Solar Panels to Increase Power Output


1st Place Grand Physical Sciences

Riddhi Kumar, Johnson High School

Lamp Black Carbon Films: Supercapacitors of the Future


2nd Place Grand Physical Sciences

Roma Pradhan, Friendswood High School

Train the Artificial Brain II


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1st Place Animal Sciences

Monisha Veerapaneni, Plano Senior High

Identification of Hoxc11 in Inducing Thrombocytosis using the Zebrafish Model: Paving the Pathway Towards Gene Therapies

2nd Place Animal Sciences

Kyle Ramsey, Navasota High School

Improving Survivability and Viability of Frozen and Chilled Ram Semen

3rd Place Animal Sciences

Dominique Mellone, Jasper High School

Cryptobiosis of Tardigrades-Water Bears in Suspended Animation

4th Place Animal Sciences

Laura Pang, Texas Academy of Math and Science

Use of microsatellites to identify cryptic lineages of the sunflower fly- Strauzia longipennis

5th Place Animal Sciences

Megan Van De Walle, Academy for Science and Health Professions

Trainable Chickens III


1st Place Behavioral and Social Sciences

Shweta Julka, Plano West Senior High

ALL EYES AND EARS: A Study of Ear Dominance's Effect on Young Dyslexic Patients

2nd Place Behavioral and Social Sciences

Katelynne Marsan, Dripping Springs High School

Effects of Biased Verbal Instructions on Student Performance and Motivation

3rd Place Behavioral and Social Sciences

Sophie Druffner, John Paul II High School

Hiding in the Shadows: The Curious Response of Physarum Polycephul to Blue Light

4th Place Behavioral and Social Sciences

Yingyan Ho, Jasper High School

Keystroke Dynamics: Improving Information Security and User Authentication with the Application of Biometric Identifiers

5th Place Behavioral and Social Sciences

Timothy Pham, Health Careers HS

OCT Blockade to Restore Sociability to Socially Impaired Mice in Preference Tests


1st Place Biochemistry

Jierui Fang, Anagha Krishnan and Jierui Fang, Jasper

Testing for the Presence of Harmful Free Radicals in Sunscreens Containing Zinc and Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles

2nd Place Biochemistry

Shazma Khan, Renaissance Academy

Targeting the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System for Cancer Therapy: Novel Combinations for treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma

3rd Place Biochemistry

Grace Ranft-Garcia, STEM Academy

The Impacts of Catalase and Peroxidase on Bacterial Growth

4th Place Biochemistry

Dhruv Puri, LASA

In Search of Novel Biomarkers in Breast Cancer: A comparative study of differential gene expression of cancerous tissues and normal adjacent tissues

5th Place Biochemistry

Jessica Anthony, Young Wome's Leadership Academy

Ursolic Acid Analogs


1st Place Cellular and Molecular Biology

Alex White, Uplift North Hills Prep

Inhibition of Host-Cell Endosomal Acidification by H1N1 Influenza

2nd Place Cellular and Molecular Biology

Ying Liu and Jessica Wang, Liberal Arts and Science Academy

Utilizing Homologous Simplicial Complexes to Model Genomic Data

3rd Place Cellular and Molecular Biology

Pranaav Sudheendra and Pranav Harathi, Plano Senior High School

Fuzzy Logic Determination of an Accurate Genetic Regulatory Network of Cancer Cell Conception and Proliferation

4th Place Cellular and Molecular Biology

Phillip Yu, Plano West Senior High School

Using HDAC Inhibitor CI-994 to Regulate Progranulin Expression for Dementia Therapy

5th Place Cellular and Molecular Biology

Qianqian Yang, Plano West Senior High

Investigating hypoxia on chemoresistance and mitotic delay


1st Place Chemistry

Zijun Yu, Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science

Benchmark of Density Functional Methods for Lanthanide Compounds

2nd Place Chemistry

Sairaj Sajjath, Plano West Senior High School

Synthesis of a Novel Buckminsterfullerene-Aptamer Conjugate for Targeted Therapeutics and Diagnostics

3rd Place Chemistry

Jessica Hong and Alicia Dsouza, Plano Senior High School

Synthesis of Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas (PMOs) for Radiotherapeutic and Chemotherapeutic Treatments

4th Place Chemistry

Alex Doyle, John Jay Science and Engineering Academy

Saving lives through applied chemistry: Controlling the exothermic reaction in iron powder compound

5th Place Chemistry

Lily Xu, Liberal Arts and Science Academy

Caroline Gao, Plano West Senior High School

Susan Xu, Kingwood High School

On the Synthesis and Predictive Modeling of Thermostable Pigments Utilizing Silica Extracted From Rice Husk Biowastes


1st Place Computer Science

London Bolsius, Round Rock High School

Mobile Virtual Reality System

2nd Place Computer Science

Jiacheng Jason He, Texas Academy of Math and Science

Detecting Heart Disease Faster

3rd Place Computer Science

Brian Maule and Nicholas Hemstreet, Vista Ridge High School

Cars that Hook Up: Applications of Collaborative Assisted Driving

4th Place Computer Science

Divya Prabhakaran, Plano East Senior High School

Benchmarking Watermarking Methods to Facilitate Tamper Detection in an Encoded Medical Image

5th Place Computer Science

Christopher Mao, Williams High School

The Emplaning Program Plan


1st Place Earth Science

William Wu, Clear Lake High School

Geographic Belts for Hurricane Landfall Location Prediction

2nd Place Earth Science

Joanne Shang, Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science

Geothermal Study of Archaeal Glycerol Dialkyl Glycerol Tetraether Lipids in Yunnan- China

3rd Place Earth Science

Lauren Hall, School of Science and Technology

Pleistocene Rancholabrean Large Mammalian Fauna From Aransas River- San Patricio County- Texas

4th Place Earth Science

Jasmin Gildert, Clear Lake High School

Bubbling Barricades

5th Place Earth Science

Brian Wei, Clark High School

Wave Erosion Away: Using Wave Power to Reduce Beach Erosion


1st Place Energy and Transportation

Matthew Caffet, The Academy of Science and Technology

Riding the Wave: Energy in Motion

2nd Place Energy and Transportation

Mokshin Suri, Plano West Senior High School

Dye Sensitized Solar Cells: New Structures and Components for Greater Efficiency

3rd Place Energy and Transportation

Marissa Gorena and Lucas Cardenas, Weslaco East High School

Synthesis of Carbonaceous Material for Hydrogen Storage

4th Place Energy and Transportation

Nicholas Esposito, The Academy of Science and Technology

Optical Frequency Monitor

5th Place Energy and Transportation

Tiasha Joardar, Shepton High School

Development of A Novel Eco-Friendly Thermoelectric Air Conditioning System


1st Place Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical

Sarah Palmer, Friendswood High School

Watts in the Wind/Water II

2nd Place Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical

Brian Kang, Bowie High School

Water Conservation through a Conductivity-Controlled Drainage System

3rd Place Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical

Constantine Tzouanas, Clear Lake High School

Terrific Tank Tuning

4th Place Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical

Sunny Tian and Linda Zhang, Westwood High School

Determining the Existence of Delayed Energy Consumption for Accurate GPU Power Modeling

5th Place Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical

Lea Gustafson, New Home ISD

Wave Power


1st Place Engineering: Materials/Bioengineering

Isuru Somawardana, Keystone School

Evaluating Feasibility of Using Microbial Fuel Cells as Power Supply for Implantable Medical Devices

2nd Place Engineering: Materials/Bioengineering

Victoria Lee, Vista Ridge High School

Comparison of Transformation Efficiency between Chitosan-Nucleic Acid Complexes and Standard Protocols

3rd Place Engineering: Materials/Bioengineering

Michelle Park, R.L. Turner High School

pH-iguring Out the Basics: Preemptive Diagnosis through Nano-Sensors for Malignant Tissue Growth

4th Place Engineering: Materials/Bioengineering

Jisoo Min and Jae Sohn, Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science

Nanoscale Pipette Sensor Fabrication for Cancer Cell Temperature Characterization

5th Place Engineering: Materials/Bioengineering

Reagan Spexarth and Maya Patel, Academy of Science and Technology

Targeting the Cell


1st Place Environmental Management

Karan Jerath, Friendswood High School

Oil Spill Remediation: The Numerical Simulation of an In-Situ Subsea Separator

2nd Place Environmental Management

Sai Sameer Pusapaty, Liberal Arts and Science Academy

Separation of Biodegradables: An Effective Waste Management Approach

3rd Place Environmental Management

John Derry, Bandera High School

Recycled Remediation: An analysis of bacterial bioremediation through recycled mediums

4th Place Environmental Management

Layne Garza, James Madison Agriscience Magnet Program

Killer Mulch: A study comparing tannin levels in Juniperus ashei and its effect on seed germination and seedling development.

5th Place Environmental Management

Ethan Trotter, Andrews High School

Reclaiming the Desert


1st Place Environmental Sciences/Analysis

Perry Alagappan, Clear Lake High School

Novel Renewable Filter for Heavy Metal Removal

2nd Place Environmental Sciences/Analysis

Analaura Trevino, Weslaco East High School

Efficacy of selected biopesticides against the Sweet potato whitefly- Bemisia tabaci (Genadius) biotype B on tomato under laboratory and greenhouse conditions

3rd Place Environmental Sciences/Analysis

Kaitlyn Ramirez, The John Cooper School

Mississippi Nitrogen: A Dead Zone Culprit!

4th Place Environmental Sciences/Analysis

Kushal Kadakia, Clear Lake High School

Heavy Metal Removal Using  Fe3O4 Nanoparticles III

5th Place Environmental Sciences/Analysis

Roman Cruz and Mark Barbosa, Weslaco East High School

Heavy Metal


1st Place Mathematical Sciences

Niranjan Balachandar, Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science

A Monte Carlo Protein Folding Simulation using Energy Optimization with Novel Applications to Alzheimer's Disease Research

2nd Place Mathematical Sciences

Alexander Whatley, North Houston Academy

Bounding Solutions of Laurent Polynomials

3rd Place Mathematical Sciences

Shanika Silva, Friendswood High School

Genetic Forecast 2!

4th Place Mathematical Sciences

Claire Hsu, Americas High School

Polygon Puzzle

5th Place Mathematical Sciences

Vishal Rajesh and Nisha Rajesh, Jasper High School

Fire Fighting at Work: A Simulation of Envelope Fire Fronts and Locational Fuel Treatment


1st Place Medicine and Health Sciences

Tanya Kumar, Clear Brook High School

A Novel Egg Timer Test on the Horizon: Changing Womens' Lives

2nd Place Medicine and Health Sciences

Trisha Mulamreddy, Keystone School

Natural Remedy for Pancreatic Cancer

3rd Place Medicine and Health Sciences

Amy Cox, James Bowie High School

The Effects of Sports and Gender on Reflexes

4th Place Medicine and Health Sciences

Joshua Singer, International School of the Americas & STEM Academ

A Novel Way To Diagnose Glaucoma Through the Use of Optical Coherence Tomography

5th Place Medicine and Health Sciences

Michael Yuan, Jasper High School

Simulation Study of the Number of Positive Cores in a Prostate Cancer Biopsy Session


1st Place Microbiology

Swapnav Deka, Plano East Senior High School

What’s on the Menu: Identification of the Hydrocarbon Transport Systems as a first step in Marine Oil-Degradation by Alcanivorax borkumensis

2nd Place Microbiology

Pia Sen, LASA

A Novel Response to Antibiotic Resistance- Application of Microparticles and AC currents

3rd Place Microbiology

Avni Nandu and Stephanie Vu, Clark High School

Project Runway: Creating an Antibacterial/Antifungal Fabric for Military Personnel and Athletes.

4th Place Microbiology

Andrew Cothrell, Vista Ridge High School

Observations of competitive differences-from the selection of hyper-swarming traits within bio-film forming bacteria.

5th Place Microbiology

Lucy Cai, Texas Academy of Math and Science

The Inception of Infection II: The Antimicrobial and Synergistic Efficiency of Antibiotic Isoniazid and Bacteriophage D29 in Treating a Model Organism for Tuberculosis


1st Place Physics and Astronomy

Piper Reid, Dripping Springs High School

Nova Delphini 2013: Backyard Analysis of a Classical Nova

2nd Place Physics and Astronomy

Aditya Mohile, Friendswood High School

The Discovery of a 9.1K Superconducting Phase containing Sr- Pt- and P

3rd Place Physics and Astronomy

Vivianne Tu and Claire Goeckner-wald, Plano Senior High School

Rockets and Pressure: The Study of Rocket Fin Sizes and Their Effect on the Center of Pressure on a Rocket

4th Place Physics and Astronomy

Kavita Selva, Clear Lake High School

Trapped-Field Superconducting Magnets

5th Place Physics and Astronomy

Jamie McCullough, Friendswood High School

Optimization of Rocket Nozzle Performance


1st Place Plant Sciences

Angela Kang, James Bowie High School

The Effect of Aspirin Tablet Application on Plant Resistance to Luminescence-Tagged Pseudomonas

2nd Place Plant Sciences

Wenjia Li and Anoop Vemulapalli, Jasper High School

Enhanced Third-Generation Biofuel Production from Genetically Modified Algae

3rd Place Plant Sciences

Kriti Gaur, Plano West Senior High School

A Study of Metal Nanoparticle Toxicity on Algae

4th Place Plant Sciences

Christopher Welch, Brazos County Home Schoolers HS

American Beautyberry: A Native Plant Solution for an Imported Problem

5th Place Plant Sciences

Hina Akbar, Academy of Science and Technology

Rice Solution Effects on Seed Germination

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