2014 Junior Fair Awards

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1st Place Grand Physical Sciences and “BEST OF SHOW” Winner
Evelyn McCune, Laura Bush Middle School

2nd Place Grand Physical Sciences
Kshitij Sachan and Yesh Doctor, Rice Middle School
Clean Green Bioplastic- An investigation into the world of Biodegradable Plastics


1st Place Grand Life Sciences
Sydney Tay, Rice Middle School
The Myth of Antioxidants

2nd Place Grand Life Sciences
Eshan Chhabra, Renner Middle
Drastic Plastic: Using Waste from fruits & plants to produce bio-degradable plastic


(click here to download the 2014 EMTSEF Junior Division Fair Awards)




1st Place Animal Sciences
Shannon Anderson, Anderson Christian Academy
Chicken Little " A study evaluating the growth of broiler chicks from hatching to four weeks of age."
2nd Place Animal Sciences
Clayton Ramsey, Navasota Junior High
Effects of Estrus Synchronization Programs on Conception Rate and Pregnancy Types in Ewes
3rd Place Animal Sciences
Abigail Parker, Keystone School
The Effects from the Chemicals in Conventional Fruits Compared to Organic Fruits on Drosophila melanogaster
4th Place Animal Sciences
Hayden Jacobs and Brooke Ehrisman, Robinson Middle School
The Effect of High Strength Magnets on Regeneration of Planaria
5th Place Animal Sciences
Tyler Dupler, Seabrook Intermediate
Monarch Mania

1st Place Behavioral and Social Sciences
Cole Urrea, Saint Joseph School
Who's the Better Hunter?
2nd Place Behavioral and Social Sciences
Joshua Hew, T H Rogers
Stop in the Name of Science
3rd Place Behavioral and Social Sciences
Mia Haraguchi, Dripping Springs Middle School
Cheating- Motivations- and Rewards
4th Place Behavioral and Social Sciences
Ian Kusch, MOEDIM Home School Co-op
The Effects of Passive and Active Entomophagy
5th Place Behavioral and Social Sciences
Amrutha Murthy, McCullough Junior High School
One Brain Two Minds

1st Place Biochemistry
Hanif Amanullah, Austin Peace Academy
Are Your Drinks Spoiled?
2nd Place Biochemistry
Benjamin Buras, Live Oak Classical School
Nitrites in meat: Is homemade sausage safe
3rd Place Biochemistry
Ashara Somawardana, BASIS School of San Antonio
The Effect of centella asiatia (Gotu Kola) on solanum tuberosum (Potato) Wounds
4th Place Biochemistry
Jace Lasater, Garcia Middle School
Antacids: Good- Better- Best
5th Place Biochemistry
Ariel Garza, Edward Manzano Middle School
Make That Heart Beat!

1st Place Cellular and Molecular Biology
Doru Gucer, Pfugerville Middle School
Uncovering the Phylogenetic History of Primate Pigmentation
2nd Place Cellular and Molecular Biology
Valeria Escobar, Jose Alcala Jr, and Victoria Covarrubias, Summit International Preparatory
Irradiation Mutations
3rd Place Cellular and Molecular Biology
Nitin Gharpure, Fowler Middle School
Diffusion Rates are Great
4th Place Cellular and Molecular Biology
Nathan Quintana, Saint Pius X Catholic School
Genetically Modified Organisms
5th Place Cellular and Molecular Biology
Jennifer Quintanar, Spc. Rafael Hernando
Tea Tree Oil Cytoxicity

1st Place Chemistry
Maya Krishnan and Varsha Iyer, McCullough Jr. High
Which Catalyst is on Your List? : Biodiesel- More Efficient Than Ever
2nd Place Chemistry
Nathan Wille, Armstrong Middle School
Burning Me Softly - A Study of the Effects of Fabric Softener on the Flame Resistance of Clothing
3rd Place Chemistry
Savannah Pas, Otto Middle
Sticky Water
4th Place Chemistry
Imaad Thakur, Austin Peace Academy
Experimental Determination of the Value of Absolute Zero Temperature using Ideal Gas Law
5th Place Chemistry
Kayla Bradshaw, School of Science and Technology Alamo
The Safe Bomb

1st Place Computer Science
Katherine Nissen, Canyon Ridge Middle School
Controlling an Industrial Robot's Movement with a Microprocessor Based Flex Sensor Glove
2nd Place Computer Science
Gretchen Albers, Foster Middle School
A Better Guessing Strategy
3rd Place Computer Science
Luke Day, Midway Middle School
Efficiency of Search Patterns
4th Place Computer Science
Ben Marsan, Dripping Springs Middle School
Exploring Neural Network Accuracy
5th Place Computer Science
Adarsh Suresh, Westbrook Intermediate
Wreck A Nice Beach

1st Place Earth Science
John Wilkins, Keystone School
Future asteroid mining of Ceres: The effects of a second moon in Earth’s orbit on tides on the West Coast of the United States
2nd Place Earth Science
Jay Hobstetter, Seabrook Intermediate
Frack That Shale!
3rd Place Earth Science
Mark Tressler, Dripping Springs Middle School
Making Waves
4th Place Earth Science
Rhyanna Ozuna, Taft Junior High School
The Solution to Pollution is Dilution
5th Place Earth Science
Brandon Seagreaves, St. Mark's
Growing Plants with Magnetized Water

1st Place Energy and Transportation
Caleb Johnson, Homer J. Morris Middle School
What's Your Angle?
2nd Place Energy and Transportation
Burzin Balsara, Schimelpfenig Middle School
Watts Up With Waste: An Investigation and Design of Microbial Fuel Cells
3rd Place Energy and Transportation
Raymond Jow, Schimelpfenig Middle School
Green Energy: Re-plant-ishing the world's energy with plant-microbial fuel cells
4th Place Energy and Transportation
Olof Olshall, Seabrook Intermeadiate School
Follow the Sunlight
5th Place Energy and Transportation
Ashley Clopton, Quail Valley Middle School
Greener Gas 2

1st Place Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical
Wenyao Li, Rice Middle School
The Invisible River - Extracting Water from Air
2nd Place Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical
Valeria Perez, Loretto Academy Middle School
Energy Harvesting: A World Full of Energy
3rd Place Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical
Lily Deardorff and Allison Busker, Pioneer Heritage Middle School
Radiant Barriers:  Cooling America's Attics
4th Place Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical
Rucha Joshi and Krithika Shamanna, Canyon Vista Middle School
Waving Works
5th Place Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical
Mallory Jordan, McCullough Junior High School
Arches in Action

1st Place Engineering: Materials/Bioengineering
Aaron Cantu, B. Garza MS
Brain Teaser
2nd Place Engineering: Materials/Bioengineering
Ishaan Manohar and Naman Adenwala, North Hills Preparatory
3rd Place Engineering: Materials/Bioengineering
Eduardo Gallegos III, Eastwood Middle School
Bang! Bang! Bang!... The Cry of a Drum!
4th Place Engineering: Materials/Bioengineering
Aytahn Benavi, Austin Jewish Academy
Stealth Shapes
5th Place Engineering: Materials/Bioengineering
John Karako, The Atonement Academy
The Effects of Quenching on Weld Strength

1st Place Environmental Management
Alana Armstrong, Waco Baptist Academy
Palm Oil Eradicates Orangutans
2nd Place Environmental Management
Adhya Beesam and Shriya Beesam, Otto Middle School
Can Bacteria Battle the Plastic Epidemic?
3rd Place Environmental Management
Orianna Santucci, Canyon Ridge Middle School
Eco-Friendly Solar Stills
4th Place Environmental Management
Deemah Pulak, WestwoodJuniorHigh
A Simple Way to Stay Safe from EMF Radiation of Commonly Used Electrical Devices
5th Place Environmental Management
Alec McAllister, Harmony School of Nature
Soap to Save the World: The Effects of Chemicals on Crude Oil

1st Place Environmental Sciences/Analysis
Darcy Bonds, Lubbock Cooper Laura Bush Middle School
Green Water
2nd Place Environmental Sciences/Analysis
Meghana Nadella, Ereckson Middle School
Honey: The Sweet 'Bee'mon
3rd Place Environmental Sciences/Analysis
Ashlyn Roth, Keystone School
Bamboo as an Alternative Fuel
4th Place Environmental Sciences/Analysis
Luke Vilagi, Keystone School
Utilizing the Heat from Hot Compost to Provide Alternative Energy
5th Place Environmental Sciences/Analysis
Ritik Patnaik, Hendrick Middle School
Greg 2 Green: The Effect of Laundry Water on Soil

1st Place Mathematical Sciences
Sueda Cetinkaya, Harmony School of Excellence
A Novel Approach for Skin Cancer Identification: Fractal Dimension Analysis
2nd Place Mathematical Sciences
Alan Zhu, THRogers Secondary
It's Snowing Koch
3rd Place Mathematical Sciences
Evan Meade, Keystone School
What is the Random Quality of Random Numbers Produced by the Difference in Timing of Detected Decay of Americium-241?
4th Place Mathematical Sciences
Jacob Carroll, Rice Middle School
Going- Going- Gone: A Study in Predicting Sinkholes
5th Place Mathematical Sciences
Lori Woo, Pflugerville Middle School
Somatotypes of Elite Gymnasts in Cumulative Performance

1st Place Medicine and Health Sciences
Nikhil Ramaswamy, Rice Middle School
Breathe Pure for the Cure: Improving Air Quality
2nd Place Medicine and Health Sciences
Zubair Abdullah, Austin Peace Academy
Determining the Effectiveness of Natural Sunscreens
3rd Place Medicine and Health Sciences
Nia Clements, Keystone School
Addicted to Sugar? A Chemotaxic Study of Artificial Sweeteners on  Caenorhabditis elegans to Predict Human Behavior
4th Place Medicine and Health Sciences
Zain Syed, Paris Junior High
Nigella Sativa A Miraculous Herbal Remedy - Fact or Fiction
5th Place Medicine and Health Sciences
Shayan Pourjavaheri, Hornedo Middle School
I'm Back

1st Place Microbiology
Tatiana Ortiz, Seashore Middle Academy
Dirty Lab Coats & Hospital Acquired Infections: A Bright Solution
2nd Place Microbiology
Cole Gaskill, McCullough Jr. High
Silver:  Ancient Germ Fighter - Super Silver It!
3rd Place Microbiology
Cynthia Garcia, Brownsville Stillman Middle School
H20 Dilemma
4th Place Microbiology
Julia O'Neil, St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School
Can the Sun Get if Done? (Will the Light Make it Right?)
5th Place Microbiology
Matthew Wong, Pflugerville Middle School
The Safety of Bagged Spinach

1st Place Physics and Astronomy
Syamantak Payra, Westbrook Intermediate School
Photon Transmission & Quantum Efficiency of PV Cells
2nd Place Physics and Astronomy
Emily Baker, E.A Young Academy
Electromagnetism's Effect on Beta Decay Particle Tracks
3rd Place Physics and Astronomy
Carlos Alvarez-Roth, Canyon Ridge Middle School
Magnets and Ferrofluids
4th Place Physics and Astronomy
Nisha Kolagotla, Deerpark Middle School
Using Quantum Physics to Measure Distance
5th Place Physics and Astronomy
Bethany Deitch, Faubion Middle School
Rock and Roll

1st Place Plant Sciences
Patricia Tomacruz, Christ the King Cathedral School
Interventions to Counteract the Negative Effects of Acid Rain on the Growth of Tomato Plants
2nd Place Plant Sciences
Phillip Boltan, Harmony School Of Innovation Carrollton
Influence of Ionized Water on Plant Growth
3rd Place Plant Sciences
Sangita Vasikaran, Rice Middle School
Got Allelochemicals? The Allelopathic Effects of Some Commonly Found Plants
4th Place Plant Sciences
Isabella Rossi, McCullough Junior High School
Got CO2? These Guys Hope You Do!
5th Place Plant Sciences
Alyssa Duhart, Maus Middle School
The Healthy Creativity in Vegetable Paint

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