2013 EMTSEF Special Awards

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American Meteorological Society
AMS will offer 4 certificates to individual or team projects.
For teams, each team member will receive a certificate.
Winning projects should be limited to the atmospheric and related oceanic and hydrologic sciences.
Makayla Kelso
Kenny Good
Jonathan Wheeler
Matthew Cohen
Brenda Castillo
Aisha Ahmed
Janell Ballin
Claire Gilmore
Emma Huff
Audrey Kennedy
Elivia Ortiz

Council of Texas Statisticians Award: Presented by Dr. Howard Monroe
1              Pranaav Sudheendra
2              George Qi
Robert Tung
3              Kevin Chen
Raahil Sha

Intel Excellence in Computer Science
Award top first place winner for the computer science category in senior level.
William Yager

MU Alpha Theta
Awarded to individual or team project demonstrating the most challenging, original, thorough, and creative investigation of a problem involving mathematics accessible to a HS student.
Dylan R. Airey

National Oceanographic Atmospheric Association
Award for individual project selected from among all the general award categories whose research emphasizes NOAA's mission to understand and predict changes in Earth's environment and conserve and manage coastal and marine resources to meet our Nation's economic, social, and environmental needs.
Mahayla Kelso
Jonathan Wheeler
Aisha Ahmed

National Space Society & San Antonio Space Society
The award from the National Space Society and San Antonio Space Society is for the best project for forwarding people living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth.
The purpose, application and science of the projects are considered.
Alex Crissara
A. Jaham Rabii

Native Plant Society of Texas: Presented by Linda Hancock
The Native Plant Society of Texas (NPSOT) is an organization whose mission is to encourage the preservation of Texas native plants and their habitats.
To this end the Native Plant Society of Texas is pleased to announce a monetary award of three hundred dollars ($300) in the Plant Sciences, two hundred dollars ($200) in Division I and one hundred dollars ($100) in Division II of the ExxonMobil Texas State Science Fair.
Mykala Stalbaum
Carola Cortinas

Society of American Military Engineers: Presented by Dick Kochanek
David Ferrell
Milad Y Najafabadi
Christopher Ault
Michael Rock
Elizabeth Engibous
Emily Engibous

South Texas Chapter-Health Physics Society Award
Placque, $50 check, 1yr HPS membership including newsletter
Ahneesh Mohanty

Stockholm Junior Water Prize Water Environment Federation
Awarded to the best water research projects
Wenjia Li
Sugirtha Panneerselvan
Morgan Frisby
Colby Gipson
Lindsay Northcut

Texas Academy of Audiology
American Academy of Audiology Foundation is seeking nominations for cash awards for student science fair participants whose projects revolve around hearing, balance or sound.
1              Shweta Julka
2              Anita Barsukova
3              Maggie Libby

Texas Tech University- Plant & Soil Science: Presented by Dr. Gad Perry for all Texas Tech
1              Catherine Castagna
2              Lindsay Northcut

Texas Tech University- International Center for Arid and Semi-Arid Land Studies
1              Hannah Mattes

Texas Tech University- Natural Resources Management
1              Colby Gipson
2              Klara Baker
3              Nikolas Hines

Texas Tech University- College of Agricultural Sciences &Natural Resources
1              Kali Perez
Honorable Mention        Zijun Yu

The National Society of Professional Engineers
Karan Jerath

US Air Force Award
Chad Fluth
Crystal Hsu
US Army
Award to scientific/engineering excellence to student exhibitors. Winners will be awarded a certificate of achievement, 4 out of the 5 will receive a $50 US savings bond, the remaining winner who is considered the most outstanding will receive a $100 US savings bond and a silver medallion.
1              Divya Koyyalagunta
2              Jordan Stroope
3              Shayna Engdahl
4              Ashley Hasting
5              Layne Garza

YALE Science and Engineering Association
Awarded to most outstanding 11th grade student exhibiting in the areas of Computer Science, Engineering, Physics or Chemistry.
Andrew Yang

Broadcom Masters (Junior Division – ONLY)
Rhea Kamat
Kayla Bradshaw
Dhruv Subramanian
Alejandro Garcia
Aidan Guetzow
Nicky Wojtania
Sonya Xu
Katherine Chen
Josiah Zapata
Shreeya Chodavadia
Nathan Wille
Tony Kedzierski
Crystal Hsu
Andrew Koltko
Meghan Valenta
Natalie Luera
Afeefah F Khazi-Syed
Edward Kim
Isuru Somawardana
Joshua Hart
Gopal Raman
Morgan Bates
Sai Sameer Pusapaty
Olivia Vines
Christopher Oxley
Meghana Nadella
Carolyn Huynh
Sean Elliott
Adithya Mummidi
Kristina Samuel
Andrea Santa Cruz
Kristen Bohnet
Alissa Kono
Meghan Lu
Draven Schooler
Ashara Somawardana
Patricia Tomacruz

Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (Senior Division – ONLY)
Dominic Yurk                                                     
Alexander Crisara                                                                                           
Andrew Yang                                                                    
Chamath Dharmasiri
Dylan R. Airey
Kishore Blasubramanian
Sugirtha Panneerselvam
Jahan Rabii
Pooja Prasad

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