2015 ISEF Winners

Mar 31, 2015 | |

Krithika Iyer  (Plano,TX)  ISCHOOL STEM OF LEWISVILLE                            

3389 - Mathematical Sciences: Boolean AlGenebra A NatureInspired Framework for the Analysis of Cancer Genesnbsp

Mohile Aditya  (Friendswood, TX)  FRIENDSWOOD HIGH SCHOOL                   

3172 – Computer Sciences: ComputerAided Oral Cancer Diagnosis

Grace Ranft-Garcia  (San Antonio, TX)  STEM ACADEMY HS (LEE HS)                                                   

3087 - Biochemistry:  Detecting Early Stage Metastatic Breast Cancer A Novel Approach to the Engineering of a Gold Nanorod Based PointofCare Biosensor

Divya Prabhakaran  (Plano,TX)  PLANO EAST SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL                        

3080 - Behavioral and Social Sciences: Determing the Role of Visual Feedback in the Neurological Aspect of Speech ImplicationsnbspFornbspthe Treatment of nbspSpeech Motor Programming Disorders

Michael Farid  (Murphy,TX)  MCMILLEN HIGH SCHOOL                                           

3139 - Cellular and Molecular Biology: IntelliGenomeUsing artificial intelligence to diagnose genetic diseases on the Genomic level

Karan Jerath  (Friendswood, TX)  FRIENDSWOOD HIGH SCHOOL                                  

3325 -  Environmental Management:  International Oil Spill Remediation The Numerical Simulation of an InSitu Subsea Separator Part II

Miriam Matney  (Houston, TX)  CLEAR LAKE HIGH SCHOOL                                          

3533 - Physics and Astronomy:  Energetic Particles from B and Li Fusion Reactions

Joycelyn Yiu & Megan Li  (Plano, TX) CLARK HIGH SCHOOL                                                                                                     

3153 – Chemistry:  Freestanding Carbon Nanofiber Electrodes Derived from Electrospun PolyacrylonitrileZIF8 Composite for Supercapacitors

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